Gnarled By Nature
Minneapolis Lapidary Artist and Author of the book, The Underworld Prophecies
Custom gemstone refinement, fossil preparation, and metaphysical healing practices
These are the faces behind the scenes!

Our names are Anna Fitzer and Cassey Tatro, and we are in joint venture!

Together we find and refine treasure, our mission to bring little bits of earth magic into the lives of those around us. We believe stones help us all keep in touch with nature. This helps instill the importance of loving and protecting the earth and its creatures.

We spend countless hours prospecting rivers and forests in search of natural materials. In cooler months, spend our days cozy inside our tiny studio in Minneapolis, refining stones found by ourselves, and others.

We hope our art helps people connect with our planet, and themselves.

The Underworld Prophecies is collection of short stories the describe some of my metaphysical experiences. From a young age, I have dreamed vividly and had a mystical waking reality. My sharp memory has allowed me to create cities, forests and buildings in my mind that I revisit night after night as I sleep. Every dream has a unique mission to complete. Each time I return, things were left as they were, and I am able to manipulate these spaces to fit my spiritual needs.

During my waking life, I experience things that are quite improbable, and what I believe to be metaphysical in nature. I also believe that these experiences are part of my nature, so I allow them to guide me through life in a prophetic sense.

In this collection of stories, the reader gets a plunge into my mind. I hope readers take some of my magic with them as they experience my reality.

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