Gnarled By Nature
Minneapolis Lapidary Artist and Author of the book, The Underworld Prophecies
Custom gemstone refinement and metaphysical healing practices
Gemstones and Spirituality
Working with gemstones is truly part of my nature. The process in which I find and refine is deeply spiritual to me. I am an artist who specializes in metaphysical works and the author of the book, The Underworld Prophecies.

Growing up in Minnesota, there are better times during the year to hunt for stones than others. So during the warm months, I spend most of my time outside looking for stones. A camelback, snacks, and a large shell is all I bring with me while I spend hundreds of hours prospecting rivers and Minnesotan forests. Not dirt-fearing, I can often be found sitting in a hole at the edge of the Mississippi river. The river is where I find the majority of my Minnesota stones.

It is incredible how objects and places retain energy. When you visit eventful grounds even when they lay empty, a certain buzz resides in the air. When a historic item lay in a palm it thumps with the memories of it's own existence. This presence of energy in places or objects opens gateways for people to connect metaphysically. Gemstones are an excellent source of spiritual power, when they are used and cared for.

This is why gemstone hunting and refining is so personal to me, because it allows me to bring magic into the lives of others.
The Underworld Prophecies 
The Underworld Prophecies is collection of short stories the describe some of my metaphysical experiences. From a young age, I have dreamed vividly and had a mystical waking reality. My sharp memory has allowed me to create cities, forests and buildings in my mind that I revisit night after night as I sleep. Every dream has a unique mission to complete. Each time I return, things were left as they were, and I am able to manipulate these spaces to fit my spiritual needs.

During my waking life, I experience things that are quite improbable, and what I believe to be metaphysical in nature. I also believe that these experiences are part of my existence, so I allow them to guide me through life in a prophetic sense.

In this collection of stories, the reader gets a plunge into my mind. I wish those who read my stories to take some of my magic with them as they experience my reality.
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